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Michael Herman

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An Open Space Workplan


BEFORE an Open Space Meeting or Conference:

  • Open conversation and one-on-one interviews to explore the issues, opportunities, intentions, appropriateness, scope, and timing;
  • Set parameters that determine just how open this should or could get; challenge leadership to provide as many 'degrees of freedom' as possible, including who needs to be invited for best possible results;
  • Make logistical decisions, including drafting and distribution of the invitation, choice of space, information processing plans, and other practical matters;
  • Clarify expectations around questions of control, success, measurement, evaluation, surprise, and support for follow-up, (which might include holding a small 'dry-run' meeting, for key personnel, before a larger conference).



  • Finalize preparations of meeting space (and establish communication with on-site hospitality staff for conferences);
  • Facilitate the opening of the space, initiating the processes for self-organization and best work;
  • Guide and support data-processing activities (and hospitality activities during conferences);
  • Maintain conditions for best work; every participant's right to determine what constitutes their own best learning, best contribution, best work.



  • Debrief conversation, revisiting questions of control, success, measurement, evaluation, surprise and support for follow-up;
  • Complete processing of information into proceedings document, including formatting document for electronic distribution/access;
  • Establish interactive systems, including methods for electronic communication, that will support follow-up learning and action; and
  • Support emergence of new issues, invitations, interactions and opportunities for contribution.

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