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Michael Herman

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Evolution at Work

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Many Gifts, One Story


Opening Invitation

...in organization


Inviting Evolution

Four Quartets, an ending(?) from T.S.Eliot
An Open Life, from a Michael Toms interview with Joseph Campbell
Critical Path, a letter and more, from R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller
A Brief History of Everything, from Ken Wilber
Breathtaking Transformation, a personal opening


Evolving Organization

A Brief History of Evolution at Work
The Inviting Organization Emerges
Strategic Conversation, a case story by Uwe Weissflog
Intentional Evolution in Organization


Organizing in Open Space

Open Space Technology: The Executive Summary
Emerging Order in Open Space, the state of the art by Harrison Owen
Working in Open Space: A Guided Tour
Youth Action: Organizing in Open Space
So what do you want to become? ...and where to begin
Embodying Open Space: It's Already Now (yawn, yawn)


Opening Invitation

...as organization

Appendices for Practitioners

A.Talking About Opening Space in Organization (Handouts)
B. Inviting Real Organizations into Open Space (Samples & Templates)
C. Facilitating Open Space Meetings and Events (Toolbox)
D. Books That Changed My Mind (A Reading List)
E. More Resources Online (Annotated Links)

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