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Michael Herman

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Where and Why to Open Space


Open Space IS APPROPRIATE for:

  • Planning and completing special projects, with or without formally organizing a special project team;
  • Resolving cross-functional questions, with or without formally organizing a cross-functional team or task force;
  • Design and development projects, related to new products, services, processes, customers, standards, or other strategic change or improvement projects;
  • Exploring and addressing a range of cultural issues, including diversity, learning, support, orientation, quality, and the like;
  • Rapid response to business surprises, whether to seize an opportunity or pick up the pieces and get back on track;
  • Creating strategic plans that everybody understands and cares about accomplishing and...
  • Staying on track with strategic check-ins that ensure that the details of the plan are still appropriate and still moving toward successful execution.


Open Space yields IMMEDIATE BENEFITS, including:

  • Experiential, Breakthrough Learning
  • Appropriate Structure and Control
  • Open Communication and a Genuine Sense of Community
  • High Play, High Creativity, High Efficiency, High Productivity
  • Shared Leadership and Personal Responsibility
  • Inspired Performance and Growth from Within
  • Elimination of barriers that get in the way of doing work quickly, with excellence and pride


Open Space IS NOT MAGIC, benefits can evaporate when:

  • Leader(s) believe they already know the answer(s) and are looking for ways to sell or impose those ideas on the rest of the organization;
  • Leader(s) believe that they are the only ones responsible for, or really necessary for, the organization to do its best work;
  • Leader(s) are seeking the appearance of participation, but are unwilling or unable to deal openly and directly with high passion or concern, increasing complexity, real diversity of people or opinions, and/or the urgent need to make decisions and take action.

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