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I am a financial advisor with multiple disciplines (including law, taxes, financial analysis, charitable planning and coaching). I draw on diverse & wide-ranging experience to help clients develop their understanding of their own meaning and their money. How well do they connect meaning with money, and vice versa? To lead by example, I set up a Community Foundation and run an international program (malaria control) via Rotary International. I have more questions than answers. What solutions are you finding to the questions common to us all? How to educate donors? I find few donors who give as much as they can or who even know how much they can. One quest is to find advisors who know how to use their disciplines to help donors achieve their goals? How to connect donors with their causes? How to deepen commitments? How to choose one cause over another? - I look forward to meeting you.

Drake Zimmerman CFA JD
P.O. Box 326
Normal, IL 61761

voice: +309-454-7040
fax: +309-454-6914

mailto:[email protected]

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