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Notes on the Giving Conference Photos MichaelYacavone

Photos from the conference are posted <a href="http://www.yacavone.com/giving/index.html">here</a>. If you want to download them to your own computer, you can grab this <a href="http://www.yacavone.com/giving/GivingConfWebPhotos.zip">40 MB archive</a>.

Charles Maclean took virtually all of the photos. I added a few that I took (maybe four or five), primarily for storytelling context. I deleted a very few for focus or lighting. I used an automatic widget to remove red-eye, which worked great most of the time. Some remnants remain on some photos.

You can click on any photo to get a full size image for printing or saving.

Don't worry, everyone looks equally dorky when you have this many photos to review! ;>

The photos are presented primarily in the order taken, though I rearranged some for better flow. I did this because Apple's iPhoto has a great "make a book" feature, and I used this to create a 40-page collage book with four-six photos per page. Unfortunately the current PDF file is 658 MB which is unreasonable for downloading. I'll try to fix it and post that - it looks really good and should print nicely.

It would be nice to caption the photos with people's names. It's easy to do technically, but I didn't have time to figure it all out this weekend. Perhaps if everyone makes a list here on this page then I could add them to the photo pages.

Please let me know if you find any glitches!

Note to Michael Herman: It might be good if you could download the <a href="http://www.yacavone.com/giving/GivingConfWebPhotos.zip">zip archive</a> of the whole set and load it onto the conference wiki for permanent storage. Then just change the link above as appropriate. All the filenames are lowercase, and the pathnames are relative. You should be able to load the folder directly without any messing around. Let me know if you need any changes for your server setup.

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