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<html><br/><p align=center><font size="+3">Opening Space for Giving to Flourish </font><br/><br/><font size="+2">The Giving Conference ~ Chicago, July 9-11, 2004</font></p>
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<html><br/><p align=center><font size="+3">Opening Space for Giving to Flourish </font><br/><br/><font size="+2">The Giving Conference ~ Chicago, July 9-11, 2004</font></p><p> </p><p align=center><img src="" width="280" height="184"></p><br/></html>

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Opening Space for Giving to Flourish

The Giving Conference ~ Chicago, July 9-11, 2004


What's your passion? What's your gift?

And are you giving it as fully as you would like? Are you fulfilled in your giving? Does it express and achieve what you want? Do you sense there must be more? Would your own life be richer if you could just bring your gifts to the world? Could you give and accomplish much more if you had the right partners, could find the right people?

Please join us! we Open a Space for Giving to Flourish. Come make new connections with other givers of time, talent, passion, of financial gifts large or small -- givers of hope, vision, leadership and opportunity. Give others the chance to give your own efforts and projects new life. Find models, mentors and mutual interests. Create Hubs, Nodes and Networks. Share resources and stories. Make new friends and forge new alliances.

As isolated individuals, many of our gifts may not be having their full effect. Money, a work effort, wisdom, or experience, specialized skills, no one person has it all. To achieve critical mass for any program, or project requires the gifts of many, guided by a shared vision.

Make a bigger difference by giving your gifts with other active givers whose gifts may complement and complete your own. Join us! Together, we change our world. And together we must.

Who Are We?

We are Passion and Purpose. Story and Vision. Learning and Sharing. Funders and Friends of Philanthropy. Active Citizens, Volunteers and Advisors. Thought Leaders and Social Theorists. Students. Social Venture Entrepreneurs. Community Leaders. Story-tellers and Bloggers. Wired and Willing. We are committed to cultivating the grassroots, to giving new shape to a robust community of givers and giving. We dare to hope -- and connect. We are joining with one another to make our visions real.

What Will We Do?

We will gather in July, in Chicago, at DePaul University's Egan Urban Center, in one big circle. For many it will be their first time sitting in such a large circle, but the strangeness of that will dissolve quickly into anticipation. The organizers welcome the people and introduce the challenge. A facilitator will open the process, inviting and challenging participants. The level of energy and excitement rises. A living "hive mind" comes to life.

In less than one hour, those gathered will identify all of the most important issues and schedule meeting times to work on them. Then they will break into small working groups, to converse and create, document and design for all the ways that they will then go work to address these issues. On the morning of Day 3, we'll focus specifically on immediate next steps, not for one project, but for each project, our own projects, and how we will stay connected and keep supporting one another in action.

How Far Can We Go?

How far can you surf? Our meeting space will have wireless connections to the Internet. Several of those attending will be bloggers, so a larger online conversation will happen simultaneously with the onsite work. The face-to-face conversations may be so engaging that blogging only happens between sessions -- but this story will be told, and retold, posted, commented and cumulative.

Post-conference, the action will move into the blogs, wikis, emails, and conference calls -- into the streets, and conference rooms, and living rooms. The teams and friendships formed in the topic-specific breakouts may become new organizations, or new projects with on-going life. Meetings like this may be repeated in Chicago or other towns and cities -- your towns and cities.

Each of us comes with his or her own dream. Each will leave with renewed hope, conviction, and a plan of action, not as isolated individuals, nor as one big group, but as engaged participants, working with others, on specific projects, supported by the collective wisdom, energy and resources of an evolving swarm of like-minded leaders.

A Note on Privacy and Publicity

"Wealth", or a commonwealth, is not all about money. Please come as a giving person, not as a financial statement. You are welcome to self-identify as having or not having money, but that is not the point. This is not a funders conference, nor a place to make an "ask." Whatever your financial situation, we want your experience, energy, ideas and ideals. Since proceedings will be posted, and bloggers will be typing away, putting their contemporaneous observations on line, please be prepared to participate in public space, as a giver among others.

Sign Me Up!

Date: Friday, July 9th from 8:00 am � Sunday, July 11th at Noon. We'll gather informally on Thursday evening. Visit for gathering, lodging and other details.

Place: The John J. Egan Urban Center at DePaul University in Chicago, 243 South Wabash Avenue (Adams and Wabash), Ninth Floor Conference Center.

Cost: Our fixed costs have been funded by Phil Cubeta. Please contribute $30-$300 to cover direct variable costs for snacks and materials, plus an honorarium for our local organizer and facilitator. Any surplus will seed the next conference.

Main Conference Website: For the latest news -- before, during and after.

After the Meeting: Stay in touch through blogs, the conference site, phone calls, and email to form friendships, alliances, and initiatives. The site will continue after the meeting to chronicle our successes, offer encouragement, and support your own particular projects, hopes and dreams. Please join us!

Registration and Payment Deadline July 1st -- or while space lasts!

Register: Send name, full contact info and URLs to mailto:[email protected]. Please include in your email 3-4 sentences about who you are and why you're attending. We will post your info on [GiftHub] so we can start making friends, contacts, and allies even before the meeting starts.

Contribute: Please give what you can to cover conference costs and complete your registration, $30-$300 per person. Make [Payments] online or send check payable to Michael Herman, 300 West North Avenue #1105, Chicago, Illinois 60610 USA. Donations also accepted at our [Payments] page.

Lodging, Travel and Meals: Will be "on your own." Make your plans now!

Can�t Attend but Want to Get Involved?

All our efforts are towards "widening the circle" of gifted and talented people determined to create a better world � by their own definition of better. Please, if you can�t come, for financial or other reasons, get involved. Follow the action on [GiftHub], use the comment sections to alert us to related resources and ideas. If you are a blogger, use links and trackbacks to get engaged. If not get in touch by email. As we spin off programs and projects we will be looking for conveners in other cities, volunteers, leaders, friends, doers and colleagues.

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