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Comments below From Drake Zimmerman
Comments below From DrakeZimmerman

As a result of this conference...

...as scribbled by some of our participants, in the midst of closing reflections Sunday morning, about where we'd been and where we might go next with this work...

...Hopeful. Inspired. Concrete ideas and contacts and a (common) wealth of sharing.

...I have new things to do, powerful, hopeful, positive things... things I want to do... and people to do them with... people I am excited about working with, whose company and collaboration I am grateful to share. My work is moving again.

...My resolve is strengthened. My faith deepened. My awareness heightened. My spirit brightened. FacilitatingForCommonGood has been established at http://www.facilitatingforcommongood.org ...com and ...net! Warmest thanks and blessings to all involved!

...I feel more inspired connected hopeful delighted expanded reassured giving and grateful.

...I feel more whole. the disparate pieces of my life no longer seem so fragmented.

...I am engaged with new social networks and people in things that interest and excite me.

...I am more connected to and aware of human and non-human resources available for support and collaboration. I feel more grounded and informed regarding the broad thinking around giving -- common ground, holes in thought, areas for growth, areas of strength. Muchas gracias!

...My eyes were opened to expanded learning and sharing opportunities available online. I met great new friends and contacts. I am encouraged by the strength of the members of the group.

...I will create the spirit of and open forum in my work. I will open my spression of career in wider ways.

...My world has expanded. My faith in humankind has been encouraged. I don't know where this will lead me but I go forward with hope for my future and hope for a better world because of the vast amount of giving that exists. I thank all of you for the work you are doing to make this world a better place. May we all continue to flourish.

...I have had a tremendous opportunity to reconnect to meaning, purpose, truth, beauty... been a witness to burgeoning revolutions and revolutions in progress... and realized the incalculable importance of global connections.

...Creativity and Connection. Passion, creativity, giving, connection. The "common ground" of our humanness. Breaking the boundaries.

...Seven words... and the spaces in between... hopeful... connected... enlivened... connecting... engaged... embraced... still.

...I met extraordinary people who inspired me with the generosity of the human spirit. I've gained interes in deepening/expanding my participation and connection to communites that share my passion.

...I had to reflect on my daily wark as a foundation executive. The reflection was more on philanthropy and direction than on mechanics.



Comments below From DrakeZimmerman

1. Problems are of limited number in any given community.

2. What are, search for the keystone problems. Solve the few that solve the many.

3. Focus on SOLUTIONS, not problems. You get what you look for.

4. Respect the Dreamer, Realizor, Critic in each of us and in each group. Critics and Dreamers have different functions, both of which are valuable.

5. Map areas and topics by who is doing what where. Get a GIS map and identify NGO's local groups doing work in an area (note analogy to Malaria nets, water, etc.) Dan Gassill was doing GIS for Chicago.

6. Convene groups working on similar topics & stakeholders to identify and fill gaps. They probably are the mappers, anyway-

7. NETWORKS exist and overlap.

8. Overlapping NETWORKS can multiply strengths of each.

9. People from other parts of the political spectrum are closer than they appear, disagreements fade sometimes or disappear entirely when talked about in a safe environment. Some issues come into sharp relief, such as, who's responsibility is it to solve the problem.

10. Locals may have the solutions: Example: the Malaria work in Ghana was 87% planned by locals and executed by them: 95%+. Outsiders coached, gave models, provided some resources (from other outsiders) and asked questions.

On the charity side

On the donor's side

1. Most donors are under-aware of their capacity.

A. Capacity to give
B. Capacity to make things happen
C. Connections they already have.

2. Given more efficient methods, however measured, more donors get engaged.

3. Asking up front: What's Your Passion! Is a bit direct and puts people off. A gentler elicitation works. May take more time and be more respectful.

4. Coaching is now ubiquitous, AND coaches have not yet linked cleanly with financial folks.

5. Massive training is needed

6. Donors go through stages. Donor ed would help to train them 'up' a learning curve. Few know the learning curve yet.

7. Fortunately: The tipping point tells us:

A. Change happens fast
B. Few people make a difference
C. Small inputs make THE difference.



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