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This is a space to being to translate current practices of commons, open space, humanist movement, pattern language, buddhist ideas, GlobalChicago:SomaticOrganization understanding what organizing as a commons is (especially around what gives life to being human) -- and coming up with a simple and shared language to express different points of strengthening is what Open Space, the Humanist Movement, Buddism et all is about, constructing a possible map that we can use to guide us for the overall journey

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Some question we might ask ourselves:

Understanding how our language can be used in ways that facilitate how we go to scale is critical in designing an action plan that address point 2 vs. point 1 which I believe is what you are aiming at accomplishing with your work. Its tricky, because the design is multi-dimensional and is not linear. Thus it can not be truly planned, yet, we need to be able to communicate intentions to create design plans. This type of planning (in the more linear context) is sometimes called Action Based Research. Are you familiar with the term? I can define it and post some definitions to the wiki if you like. In fact all of this might benefit us at the wiki. Perhaps you and Michael can help with this, as you are better at generating structure.

This page comes out of the InvitingFriendsAndPartners work.

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