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:Charles Bernard Maclean, PhD?
:Charles Bernard Maclean, PhD

Hi, I'm Charles Maclean, committed listener for in Portland, Oregon, and I bring three conversations of possibility to the gathering:

1. "Branding Giving" through initiatives like, "Most Caring International Cities Designation"

2. "To Give Or Not To Give? - To Ask Or Not To Ask?" - Workshop, incentives and tools to assist financial advisors in raising the giving question with all their clients, more than once.

3. "Instillation of Community Give-Back Uplift Messages" tm in public and private spaces. This grass roots initiative is intended to ignite passion for giving that gets translated in action in volunteering and giving of ones financial treasure. Point of inspiration volunteer/giving referral information will be available next to the uplift message. Tracking of impact is built in.

I have just returned from a six-month philanthropy journey sharing and learning best giving and asking practices across the US and in SE Asia and my intent is to find kindred spirits at the Chicago gathering with whom to work on a funded virtual team.

Keep on keeping on,


Charles Bernard Maclean, PhD
Founder & Chief Committed Listener
PhilanthropyNow - "Igniting Passion For Community Give-Back"
Portland, Oregon USA
mailto:[email protected]

"It is through giving and asking that we discover who we are ...and what matters to us."

-- PhilanthropyNow interviewee

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