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Getting Started

Perhaps the easiest place to start is at http://www.blogger.com. Quick and easy setup. Then also see GivingMindedBlogs for some links to existing blogs that can give you some sense of where these things lead us. Once you get going, you'll likely want to add links and comments. See below...

As a result of the conference I've started my own blog at http://tedernst.blogspot.com Because I don't really know what I'm doing I've started by using the default http://www.blogger.com comments feature which doesn't seem so optimal. I've also started wtih http://www.blogrolling.com for my links. Any suggestions on either front? What else do I need structurally to make this thing work well? --TedErnst

Michael J here: Minor comment: Can you change the background color so it's not black? It looks good, but is hard to read. I'm not sure if you can use another comment system with Blogger. An upgrade would be to use the basic TypePad? account (http://www.typepad.com) which is $5 a month and is a very good service. Not free, however.

Thanks for the suggestion Michael J. You're right about readability. I've changed it now.

Yummy! I like the right-aligned blogroll too.

Adding a Blogroll and Reader Comments

you can use comments at http://www.haloscan.com. also a case of generating the text and pasting it into the code of your template page. the comments code goes WITHIN the bounds of the code for the individual posts. otherwise, it same as what you've already done to add the blogrolling.com roll to your sidebar.

once you do that, or alter the template in any customizing way, you'll lose those customizations if you choose another template from the blogger.com selections offered. i keep a backup copy of my template code on my hard drive locally.



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