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Treasure Hunt - Life in open space is always a treasure hunt, a search for gems in people and stories. This forum space is no different. And like in open space meetings and events, there are some things we can set up ahead of time and make explicit on a bulletin board... and then there are the gems that must be discovered by mucking about in the bars and hallways and gardens and other seemingly unlikely places. What follows are a few of the things that we can tell you up front, as you get started in exploring this space. Beyond this, it's a treasure hunt to find what is useful here ...AND to find or create more stuff out in the world, that is useful, and to bring it back here in the form of a link or a story. Please be a learner and a contributor, in whatever ways you can!

How to Search - To find something in this forum, click a topic and then scoll through the replies. As this space grows, there may be more than one page of replies, so look for the links to pages 1 2 3 4... To search for keywords, click the search link at the top of most pages. If you register and come here often, you'll see that the lightbulb icons will alert you to what is new since you last visited -- if you have "cookies" enabled on your browser. Click the HELP/FAQ link atop most pages for more on cookies or consult the help function on your browser. Note that cookies are not required here; they just make life better!

How to Post - To post in most places here, you'll have to register (simply choose a name and password). Click the register link atop most pages to do this. Then click the Post Topic or Post Reply button to actually make your entry, giving some attention to keywords that will help others find your entrie when searching. After you make an entry, you can edit it by clicking the pencil-and-paper icon. In some forums you can post topics or replies. In others, you can only post replies to the topics we've already established. If you see the need for a new topic, please post it as a suggestion. In most cases, we've also created topics for just this kind of suggestion.

Style Points ...extra credit will be given for Hot Links, Icons, Images - It is possible to post hot, clickable links and email addresses using something called UBB Code. You can add smiley face icons and images to your postings here. Click the HELP/FAQ (frequently asked questions) link at the top/right of most pages for more on these special tools. Style points may be redeemed at the Gift Shop, on the first floor, near the main entrance to the Universe.

Getting HELP - The HELP/FAQ link at the top right of most pages will get you some quick answers to common questions and also some great tips on getting around this bulletin-board-based system. If your question isn't answered there, check the Guestbook forum and if you don't find it there, post it there...and we can answer it there for everyone! Alternatively, you can send an email by clicking the Contact Us link at the bottom of most forum pages.


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