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Open Space Stories: Successes and Strategies


A number of real open space events are documented online. Here are a few to start with...


Strategic Planning in Open Space -- three short stories from an export trade council, a community college and a volunteer executive board retreat.


Special Projects in Open Space: Meetings that Make a Difference -- Harrison Owen's story of the project team that built the AT&T pavilion for the Olympic Games in Atlanta.


Youth Action in Open Space, Sustainable Racine Project, Racine Wisconsin -- a growing string of success stories that are emerging in Open Space, led by local youth. <http://www.globalchicago.net/mha/stories/youthaction.html>


Opening Space in Dangerous Times -- observations from working with a small hosptal on an Indian Reservation and a number of comments from the managers, supervisors and assistants who participated.


Taking the Leap: Opening Space for the First Time -- a personal story of what it was like to lead a group into Open Space, the first time around.


Photos from Open Space -- worth several thousand words, these were taken by participants at the September, 1998, Intentional Evolution Workshop in Open Space.


Invitations to (and Proceedings from) Real Open Space Events -- the MHA Workshops page contains links to the invitation and proceedings documents from some public workshops held in open space.



And a couple of websites that will have many more stories from around the world...


Worldwide Open Space Website/Portal - the center of the Open Space Tech world, with links to stories, conversations and resources offered by practitioners and websites around the world.
<http://www.openspaceworld.org> click Marketplace link, then click Stories link.


Tales from Open Space - A collection of open space technology stories written by professional writers and edited by Open Space Tech originator, Harrison Owen. Originally published by Abbott Publishing, now available at Harrison's website.


OS Stories Collected by Chris Corrigan - in addition to ten of his own stories from Open Space you may find links to a further eight stories or collections of stories from around the world.


The Worldwide Open Space Institute -- one of the first online repositories for open space stories and other practitioner resources, created and collected by Barry Owen.

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