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On March 16, 2003 twenty-nine people gathered in Open Space at Ashoka House to discuss possibilities of rthe future of that place. What follows are the proceedings and summaries of the small group discussions. By posting them here, we invite you to continue to add to the ongoing conversations to see how this future might unfold.

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Ashoka OST Topics

11:30-12:30 Session

  1. PeacE
  2. MoneY
  3. ChildrenEducationAndLearning: A learning environment for kids, with multiple groups and tied to community learning, resources and sustainability.
  4. WhereToTakeAshokaHouse
  5. InvitationToVenerableLahktor to use space as teaching centre

1:30-2:30 Session

  1. AshokaPlus: adjoining 40 acres allow for visions that require land
  2. GrowthOfTheSpirit
  3. IntegratE?: Ideas, communities, research, people and initiatives
  4. LearningFromOtherCommunityModels?

2:30-3:30 Session

  1. ManifestingOurIntentions for Ashoka
  2. PracticalIssues: House and property maintenance

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