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What does Montessori tell us about inner discipline?

CONVENER(S): Beverley A. McGhee?

PARTICIPANTS: Belkis Young, Laura Kohlerschmidt Stacy, Gumul, Melanie A.Peterson, Clarence Johnson, Ana Suan, Maryanne Heginbottom, Dr. Linda Levene, Pilar Forman, Maris Howe, Marie Scott, Pratha Williams, Carol Smith, M.Teresa Fagundes


Dioscussion began relfecting on the development of the hand relating to the brain and the use of montessori materials. As students develop their sense of order and become normalized, make choices of materials, develop coordination and concentration through materials which are interesting to them, the sense of feeling a completion of a cycle of activity is ssatisfying.

Students who are busy with materials are learning in Children's House social develoment and self direction. The more a student develops the sense of being the less there is a need for discipline from the adult because Montessori tells us to "direct" the children and therefore replaces the needs for discipline with an activity of material or social nature natural to the moment it is needed.

The discussion continued to incluse students of different social and ethnic backgrounds. It was concluded that those of different languages can find a common ground through "sign language." Students who have difficulty expressing themselves often reach an emotional limit of frustration which turns into body language instead of "use your words to tell me how you feel." Because of the lack of vocabulary in the main language being used those present who work now with students who have a p;rimary language of Spanich, Asian, and Indian concurred that the use of sign language might give all the students a common ground . They said that this then led to better communication and less frustration.

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