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Providing a place for special needs children with in a Montessori context.

CONVENER(S): Ruth Anne Azevedo

PARTICIPANTS: Ruth Anne Azevedo, Ursela Escuza, Cindy Nehemias, Julie Perez, Linda Kingsbury, Laurie Metz, Teri Almaguer, Livia Adams, Marykay Welsh, Marie Howe, mark Meyer, William Sklaroff, Mary Gaudet, Gaylene Brotherton, & Belkis Young


Our session was focused on making a special needs environment which is centered in Montessori philosophy yet in a small seperate environment wihich will allow the child to recieve the individualized help he/she may require in an environmental setting which will not overwhlem them. We did also touch on some ideas on how to include a special needs child in a typical classroom. It seems that many of us do this already and some great ideas were shared from a "wrap around" person to the use of imagination to come up with ways to get through.

The one thing which most of the participants seemed to need was information on were to get help for these children and different ages and how to get through to the parents. Following is a list of places and types of people you may have available in you community to help;

FDLRS - Florida Department of Learning Resoures Services - ages birth - 3 years Child Find - children ages 3-6 years Therapists which may already have a relationship with your school ; speech, occupational and physical therapists

The one thing to keep in mind with special needs is to define if possible what areas are dysfuntional in the child then try to the best of your ability to guide the child and their family to the best education program to help the child be the most they possibly can.

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