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standardized testing

CONVENER(S): mary gaudet

PARTICIPANTS: Carole Campbell, Pam Sensale, Johanna Sordo, Leah Black, Jacqueline van Loan-Gavavito, Ana Collazos, Sussan Brunihheather Mcdowell, Belkis Young, Debbie Madgruey, Nancy Dutton, Diane Jasinski, Nazueen Vicakuddi


All participants from florida -3 from public school remainder private school. use SAT from Kindergarten thru elem Question about how often tests are updated? have had same SAT test for years, SAT questions are sometimes BIAS, Align montessori lessons with test taking-use Albanesi curriculum or make lessons that introduce test format in independent work. Montessori Made Manageable is also helpful . Include test taking strategies. practice verbally giving test type questions to acclimate children to listening to directions. Some practice for 2wks before test. Some practice from day one by using workbooks. Elem teachers do 10-15 practice each am on math facts and lang review.This introduces them to format. Results-students usually do very well -teachers can see where there are weaknesses in individual students. Helps make parents aware of problems children have in objective ways. Can prepare children by asking questions that have them explain how and why they came to the answer- third period. It's important to get children identified with problems in learning before third grade so at to get intervention FCAT stresses critical thinking skills - they must problem solve- have them explain process- children have difficulty with why. Help them with test taking stratagies.

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