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 CONVENER(S): Ursula Escuza

 PARTICIPANTS: Ruth Selman, Debra Browne, Marie Howe, Najma, Stacy 
 Gumul, Joan      Purdy, Margaret Ford, P. Williams, L. Parlontieu.


 Love: What does it mean to you?

 General Discussion: Laughter, joy, hope, peace, life, all sense for 
 openess, true, honesty, respect for others and self respect.

 L: Laughter
 O: Openess
 V: Vision
 E: Empathy

 The group shared personal experiences:
 - The intelligence of Love.
 - The ability to listen.
 - The importance of role playing to problem solve.
 - Love and respect.
 - Love for the environment.
 - The importance of a peace shelf and its contents.
 - The silence game.

 The Teacher as an important part of the environment to promote
 peace and love:
 - Respect the child
 - Treat the child with integrity.
 - Follow the child.
 - Use a peaceful voice using respectful words.
 - Create ann interresting lesson/materials.
 - the teacher as a role model.

  Love for Montessori Materials:
 - Lessons should be presented with excitement.
 - Gracefully presented.
 - Role model soft, gentel touch.
 - Show love for the lesson.
 - Take good care of materials at all times.
 - Encourage children to dust and keep materials clean.

Love for Classmates:

 - Respect each other.
 - Problem solving skills.
 - Use proper words at the right time.
 - Gentle touch.
 - Self-respect.

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