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Designing New Work for the Toddler Environment

CONVENER(S): Laurie Metz

PARTICIPANTS: Megin Meyer, Mark Meyer, Terri Almaguer, Lori Byrne, Livia Adams, Lillian Kroenke, Gaylene Brotherton, Laurie Washburn, Prabha Williams, Laurie Metz


Toddler Environment and Routines.

Good website - LittleRedRobin?.com (? lookup)

Suggestions for work:

Color Wonder markers mark on special paper ONLY (from Crayola)

                 they also have stamps

Pumpkin marking _ p ut pumpkin on shelf with marker next to it. Child takes to table with marker and colors on it. child washes pumpkin and puts back on shelf

cordless vacuum

big lids and jars - maybe put objects in jars for children to find

drop items into plastic jug - pompoms are quiet, acorns are loud

use a wand magnet with magnetic puzzles instead of stick and string

scarves in old wipe container

"frosting" sponge with shaving cream

chalk with black paper

shredding burlap, then put shreds in bird cage to keep mess down

toothbrush holder with little clothespins to put through the holes

tin with a slit and poker chips

Line time suggestions:

give each child an object to hold and sing appropriate song (little spiders/Itsy? Bitsy)

 Song extensions (huge spider, if your sad and you know it)

Put dots on the floor instead of a solid line

Motion songs (sammy song, elephant song)

Hap Palmer CD

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