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Administrative Issues

CONVENER(S): Mary Gaudet

PARTICIPANTS: Elizabeth Brown , Cheryl Roman, Walter Ebmeyer, Ruth Doran, Ruth Anne Azevedo, Belkis Young, Mark Meyer, Tony Kambich, Kitty Williams


Benefits-members of professional organization get reduced rates for health benefits-staff leasing , chamber of commerce. Everyone in agreement the goal is to raise salaries and benefits for our staff.majority give staff 50%off tuition and/or financial assistance. salary increases range from 2-5%.

Merit Pay-very difficult to implement - same rationale as why we don't give stickers to children-All staff deserve merit pay-if not let them go-staff will applaud you letting them go. teachers are more comfortable with step increases. some give full enrollment bonus or end of year bonus to all.

Professional development Important to budget for. Used for spring/fall inservice, conferences, teacher training( with 2-3yr contract)Grow your own teachers with loan or scholarship for training. consider long term disability insurance- pays 60% sick?personal days - 6-10/yr If absent too much ?commitment to school.

Discipline problems Ask for normalized report in Sept. All children are normalized except

conference with these children's parents, meaet again in 1-2wks, plan, observe, meet again and decide if this is the best place for your child. we recommend
if not followed child maybe asked to leave.
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