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Opening Space for Giving to Flourish

What's your passion? What's your gift? And are you giving it as fully as you would like? Are you fulfilled in your giving? Does it express and achieve what you want? Do you sense there must be more? Would your own life be richer if you could just bring your gifts to the world? Could you give and accomplish much more if you had the right partners, could find the right people?

Please join us! ...as we Open a Space for Giving to Flourish. Come make new connections with other givers of time, talent, passion, of financial gifts large or small -- givers of hope, vision, leadership and opportunity. Give others the chance to give your own efforts and projects new life. Find models, mentors and mutual interests. Create Hubs, Nodes and Networks. Share resources and stories. Make new friends and forge new alliances.

Where This Started

Post-Conference Connecting

Post-Conference Projects

See ConferenceProceedings for how we started and RecentChanges for the latest post-conference actions

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