Welcome to the Chicago Company of Friends homepage!
The intention with this page is to provide a hub that will connect a number of online resources that we are developing as a local Fast Company community.
Here's what we have so far...
Fast Company Magazine - the mothership, as it were... click here to find out more about the magazine, access online discussions with fast company folks worldwide, update subscription data, etc.
Fast Company - Chicago Company of Friends - this is the official chicago company of friends bulletin board provided within the fast company site. this is where meetings and other official news has been posted.
The FastCo Forum at globalchicago.net - this locally-operated forum has the advantage of being part of a local network, which means we're more likely to make local connections with other chicago-area groups and individuals. it's part of a local chicago bulletin board offering a forum dedicated to chicago company of friends conversations, announcements, and other postings that may not be appropriate for the forum at the fast company site for any number of reasons, their restrictions on self-promotion, for instance.
Forums Contact - send an email to michael herman with any questions or comments about this page and/or the fastco forum at globalchicago.net.
Company of Friends Chicago Contact - send an email to dan limbach, the coordinator for the chicago company of friends, with questions about our local group and goings-on.