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community links


openspaceworld.org - the worldwide portal for open space technology

crossroads-center.org - the crossroads center for faith and work, programs and conversations

the edge of the 'roads - a number of emerging communities, meeting in and around the crossroads center - a kind of giant, on-going, open space

fast company magazine - join the chicago "company of friends" community/network/resource group

the men's art forum - spirit and support for men doing all kinds of creative work in the world

zapchen somatics - how to feel as good as you can, in spite of everything, as taught by julie henderson

the consultants' guild - a chicago-area consulting community, working its way toward shared space


other leading edges


institute of noetic sciences - fantastic stories from the edges of consciousness, spirit and science

the meta network - best online conferencing facility, for ongoing, online learning in open space

chaordic alliance - VISA founder, Dee Hock, developing organizations that merge chaos and order

voluntary simplicity chicago - an active chicago group, with links to national groups and resources

the edge of the 'roads - more communities, meeting in and around of the crossroads center

ymca earth service corps - amazing youth leadership, environmental learning, community service

cabrini connections - leading tutor/mentor program with web portal portal to tremendous resources

ODNetwork/Chicago - gatherings and resources for Chicago-area OD consultants

circle of life center - medical intuitive amy biank's center for health and spirit

vipassana meditation - insight meditation and information on meditation courses

the hunger site - donate free food just by visiting and clicking the icon, amazing

more websites worth visiting - look for the "WEBSITES" topics in Michael's Open Notebook