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Declaration of Petion-Ville Rotary Club's Commitment in Favor of Literacy

Considering that the Universal Human Rigts Declaration recognizes the right of each person to an education;

Considering that people who do not know how to read and write are among the world's poorest (materially speaking) people;

Considering the role that Rotary International plays in social programs such as the eradication of Polio throughout the world;

Considering Rotary International's Central Council's decision, during their February 2003 meeting, to encourage the clubs and districts to engage in their literacy programs;

Considering that which Rotary International is investing in the struggle against illiteracy and in promoting its CLE method (Concentrated Learning Encounter);

Considering Rotary International's consecration of the month of July as Rotarians' Month of Literacy;

Considering the initiative taken in 1998 by Rotary Clubs of Haiti to create a literacy program, which is called "ROTALPHA" (WOTALFA);

Considering ROTALPHA's (WOTALFA) positive results;

Convinced that Haiti's underdevelopment is directly connected to the fact that the majority of the population is illiterate;

Convinced that Haiti's underdevelopment puts our country at risk of being increasingly marginalised internationally;

Convinced as professionals and people of business and industry that literacy in Haiti is a serious, urgent issue and one which, demands an immediate response;

Convinced that the problems connected to illiteracy cost Haiti enormously in the way of lost productivity;

Recognizing that the Haitian educational system is deteriorating in an alarming way;

Recognising that, using the CLE method, one can learn to read and write in less than a year;

We, Rotarians of the Petion-Ville Rotary Club, engage ourselves toward making our homes and enterprises "100% LITERATE" by year end, 2004, in commemoration of our Nation's Bicentenial. And, we invite Haiti's entire private sector to join us in this engagement.

Petion-Ville, July 22, 2003

DeclarationEngagement an francais

DeklarasyonAngajman an Kreyol


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