EdBloggerWiki | RecentChanges | Preferences if Dave Winer or any one else decides to improve the tool...what do we want to see?

1. Site wizards (already in production?)

2. RSS Aggregation

? look to David C-T plugin it works great but it should be built in

3. Trackback

4. Bug fixes

5. A better user interface to the site structure

?look to the editing of structure in conversant, they used to do it nicely

6. A way of categorizing stories into virtual folders making it easier to work with sites loads of stories

?look at metaData some great ideas here

7. Ditto for gems

8. More bug fixes

?I think we need to be specific, perhaps a new wiki page??

9. Versioning

10. Delete a story,picture or gem, delete its shortcut - simple!

11. Fix WYSIWYG editor

? Make crosss platform

? make cross browser

? wasn't jake looking at flash editors at one point??

12. Ability to hide individual items from the DG

13. Better user management

? including looking at editor issues as well, like the editing of posted news item, why can only the ME edit those posts?

? Batch adding of users, (adding all students at once)

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Last edited February 18, 2003 6:41 pm USA Pacific Time (diff)