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A brainstormed List of questions that eBN needs to answer in random order for now:

At the risk of de-randomizing, I want to suggest that at the same time as we engage with an on-going list of questions, we look for a way to organize the answers. As a first attempt at that, I've posted a tentative list of categories, and something of a soap box intro at EbNActivities.

How many servers are needed to host 2000 Web logs to start?

Where will the servers be housed?

Who will maintain the servers?

What level of connection to the Internet will be needed to provide fast, dependable hosting?

What are the CIPA and COPPA requirements?

Will eBN be a non-profit?

Will it be funded by grants? Benefactors? Both?

Who will oversee eBN? What will be the organizational structure?

Will there be a fee for schools? Membership to grow the network?

What types of support will eBN offer? Training? Consulting?

How will eBN market itself?

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