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The Philanthropic Youth Endowment Group (Bowen PYE) on Bowen Island will be holding an Open Space meeting this spring to address the needs of Bowen's youth. This page is a space to host any developmental notes or questions as we work through what this Open Space should be about. To add to this page, simply click on "edit this page" below and type away.

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hi bowen pye, here's the invite you've got so far. obviously needs hip, catchy name. just use the edit at bottom of page. by friday noon, it will need to be finished so i can print off and have copies for the showcase, get it into paper etc. penny

(Catchy Name in Big Letters...)

What would make Bowen Island a great place for Teens?

Bowen Youth have a very important role in deciding what they want the present and future Bowen to be like. Bowen PYE (Bowen Promoting Youth Empowerment) is small group of young people who have come together to develop a foundation dedicated to making Bowen a better place for Teens and funding the dreams of Bowen's youth.

Bowen PYE is hosting the {insert catchy name here} forum on Sunday,June 8.

Why are we doing this?

Are you a young person interested in helping other Bowen youth succeed with local projects? Bring all your ideas big and small and find out how to make them a reality. Come to the Teen Centre, June 8, 12 pm. Barbeque and Live Music to follow

philanthropy: love of humankind. (websters)

thanks for meeting with us chris! i can hear the thunder of this event building! p

...let's play!...

let's get this pyeball rolling. -kat

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