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Session Title: ""Growth of the Spirit"" came out of desire to have a place where participants could explore their spiritual dimension and how that may manifest in their daily lives.

Convener: Mary Ellen deGrace

Participants: Lynn Fearn, Diana Kemble, Ilu-Gabriel, Erin Crawford

Summary of Discussion:

� The groups began by discussing differing paths of spiritual growth and whether these �paths� might meet separately as well as having opportunity to meet with one another for discussion and exploration. � A suggestion followed that it would be helpful to consider modeling a program after Whitby Island Retreat Centre, Hollyhock or in conjunction with Hollyhock. � There was enthusiasm for a Healing Centre where individuals could explore lifestyle changes with dietician, herbalist, meditation, yoga etc. A program focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual. These retreats would probably be a minimum of 3 days. It was agreed that for ease of bookings and to curtail expenses, it would be preferable to use local (e.g. within BC) Resource Persons. Examples to explore re how they developed were: Gaia House, Spirit Rock, IMS. � We would also need to explore accommodation, close to the Centre. It was hoped that there might be a sliding scale re rent if a group or organization did not have sufficient funds. � Suggestion: that there be a �waged� co-ordinator as the program would require a �core person�/leadership. Would it also be possible to work with BILLS [Bowen Island Lifelong Learning Society]? and/or form a non profit society. � The purpose might be a common vision of the evolution of consciousness.

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