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Session Title: Growth of the Spirit came out of desire to have a place where participants could explore their spiritual dimension and how that may manifest in their daily lives.

Convener: Mary Ellen deGrace

Participants: Lynn Fearn, Diana Kemble, Ilu-Gabriel, Erin Crawford

Summary of Discussion:

� The groups began by discussing differing paths of spiritual growth and whether these �paths� might meet separately as well as having opportunity to meet with one another for discussion and exploration. � A suggestion followed that it would be helpful to consider modeling a program after Whitby Island Retreat Centre, Hollyhock or in conjunction with Hollyhock. � There was enthusiasm for a Healing Centre where individuals could explore lifestyle changes with dietician, herbalist, meditation, yoga etc. A program focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual. These retreats would probably be a minimum of 3 days. Examples to explore re how they developed were: Gaia House, Spirit Rock, IMS. � We would also need to explore accommodation, close to the Centre. It was hoped that there might be a sliding scale re rent if a group or organization did not have sufficient funds. � Suggestion: that there be a �waged� co-ordinator as the program would require a �core person�/leadership. Would it also be possible to work with BILLS [Bowen Island Lifelong Learning Society]? and/or form a non profit society. � The purpose might be �a common vision of the evolution of consciousness�.

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