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A report from Noosphere…

Happy to have finally crossed paths with the Ashoka Institute Wiki. I was on the bus this morning and met Chris on his way into the big smoke. One thing quickly led to another (as always), and we were off into the landscape of story and culture, inner and outer worlds. As the woman sitting next to me dozed off on my shoulder, I fished out this quote of William Kittredge from Gary Nabhan’s new book “Cultures of Habitat.” I thought I would share it with you, perhaps as a way to begin weaving the role of storytelling and community knowledge into our conversation about community practice.

“We figure and find stories, which can be thought of as maps or paradigms in which we see our purposes defined; then the world drifts and our maps don’t work anymore, our paradigms and stories fail, and we have to re-invent our understandings, our reasons for doing things… What we need most urgently, in both the west and al over America, is a fresh dream of who we are, which can tell us about how we should act. They will be stories in which our home is sacred, stories about making sense of a place without ruining it… wreck it and we will have lost ourselves, and that is craziness.” William Kittredge, from Who Owns the West

Pleasant dreams...


I thought you knew that woman Murray. Huh.

You'll noticed that i moved your entry from the recently changed page to here. Hope that's okay.

That quote is right on the money. And here is a small powerpoint presentation on what I am doing with the City of Vancouver (and Murray!) on the Storyscapes project [ http://www.chriscorrigan.com/storyscapes.ppt ]

hey murray, happy to see you here! here is a link to tasha friedus's work in creative narrations -- she works with john forester at mit. turns out they are supported by the waitt foundation, chris.



Howdy from Toronto

I have a library of links on digital storytelling at home, and will upload them when I get a chance. In the meantime, check this blog on links between storytelling and grassroots, community-based knoweldge management. http://www.elearningpost.com/features/archives/001009.asp

howdy. great site...

stories are fantastic in getting to indulge the little voice in our heads, leading to the holy grail of all KM initiatives — tacit-to tacit knowledge transfer.

...i think this line speaks to the magic that happens in tacit to tacit knowledge transfer, it's that moment of recognition when we get to see something for the first time that's been there all along.


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