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A Tale of Open Space

Once upon a time there was an Open Space that dreamed of being full-filled. The Open Space lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in the United States of America, on the continent of North America, on planet Earth, in a solar system comprised of nine planets, on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Open Space mused on the myriad of thoughts and things that might bring it full-fillment -- magnificent materials, terrific teachers, able administrators, proactive parents, excited exhibitors, wondrous workshops, limitless luncheon buffets, captivating keynotes, and break-of-the-day breakfast meetings! But what would truly full-fill the heart of the Open Space -- it just wasn�t clear. It knew that all such thoughts and things were important to its full-fillment -- but it felt like there was still more -- something untapped, untold, untried.

One day the Open Space heard about a small group of dedicated dream-makers known as Montessorians. These beings, apparently from a future era, believed in world peace and the potential of every child to manifest their dreams and destiny. These Montessorians aspired to an acceptance of all life, in all its diverse forms, and were committed creating educational environments to stimulate new and noble ideas of creativity and service. Most importantly, the Open Space learned that Montessorians full-filled themselves b y coming together several times a year for collaborative learning and community celebration.

Yes! This was what the Open Space truly desired and dreamed of ... this sense of being full-filled with fresh ideas and new perspectives that emanate like a fragrance from open-minded, open-hearted beings seeking to discover the truths about human development - just as their beloved founder, Maria, aspired to do so long ago.

Amid its joy the Open Space realized it had an opening in its timeline from February 13 through February 16, 2003. An opportunity to offer itself to the glorious Montessorians lay shining before it like a distant dawn.

Open Space invites you to join our Celebration of Full-Fillment. Bring your Self. Bring your friends and family. Make time. Create space. Be open. Be there!


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