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"One Voice" Montessori Group - design, structure, priorities

CONVENER(S): Anna Perry ([email protected]) and Denny Schapiro ([email protected])

PARTICIPANTS: Marylin Stewart. angela Izzillo, Paula Ilami, Michael Dorer, Tim Seldin, Carolyn Kambich, Peggy Loeffler, Virginia Varga


A suggestion has been raised that a 'One Voice" Montessori organization be organized that would serve a wide variety of purposes that are not currently being addressed through the existing organizations and societies. This group would be inclusive of existing Montessori groups, and several meetings have already taken place among the leaders of several organizations that might come together to create this.

During this session we listed and evaluated possible activities that a 'One Voice' Montessori organization could take on. For a complete list including descriptors, please email one of the conveners. The list included: - Research - Public Policy - information collection and dissemination on federal and state initiatives, possible lobbying. - Marketing/Public? Relations - Educator based outreach (NAEYC, Headstart) - Teacher Educator outreach - Promote Standards - Public and Charter School Support - Leadership Development

The highest priorities for this new group to address includes: Research, Public Policy, Promoting Standards, Promoting Charter and Public Schools.

In the previous meetings among institution leaders, Research and Public Policy were also voted as top priorities, as well as Marketing/Public? Relations and Leadership Development.

We then brainstormed possible organizational structures for this new group. Two suggestions were popular: A) U.N. Model - a coalition among existing organizations B) Council of Churches

Participants recognize that there would be some issues to be dealt with in terms of membership, funding, governance, but see the value of such a group.

Comments on the above:

Hiya Denny, Michael, Tim and Peggy!

Say, maybe this new group would be the just thing for some sort of cross-oganizational outreach efforts. Seed planting. Genesis & Support. Cultivation. That kind of stuff. Hats off to efforts toward perpetuating ourselves and our standards, yes, but maybe a small bit of energy toward the new or nearly so.

I'm envious of you all down there... I HAVE to get out to the next one of these things. An open space M conference. Who'd would have thought? Totally cool, my friends.

Don Jennings ([email protected])

Topsfield, MA USA

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