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Montessor Grandparents as Consumers of Montessori School Practices

CONVENER(S): Dottie S. Feldman

PARTICIPANTS: Marie Howe, Sandy Woodward, Aliyah Shakirah, Lee Ann Gattorno, Suzanne Druehl (regrets for the possible misspelling of this last name)


Each goupr member shared both their reasons for participating in this discussion and their perspective of the meaning of our Issue.

Compelling examples were shared regarding grandparent and/or parent visits to their child or grandchild's respective Montessori classes.

Our discussion included a definition of our purpose. "We are consumers in the act of receiving the service or product of a school, the education of our children or grandchildren." Our goal, our hope is that we are consumers of excellence in educating children, our children.

Compelling questons were generated:

What Our Group Values: Helping people - to grow, to learn, to offer support to request help, to demonstrate openness to new ideas.

These values extend to schools as practicum sites. Questions apply to supervising teachers and their heads of schools.

Concluding Comment: The Montessori community requires an interconnectedness - between schools, practicum sites, supervising teachers, school heads, and interested, often passionate consumers. A product is delivered, contributing to an on going quality life experience.

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