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Flow in the Classroom

CONVENER(S): Kathy Davidson

PARTICIPANTS: Cindy Venezia, Tanya Ver, Leah Black, Sue Smith, Wanda Rothrock, Lori Byrne, Laurie Sheilds, Bobbi Ann Helgeson, and Karen Evans


If the teacher's work is meaningful so will the child's work be meaningful.

A schedule of lessons helps determine flow/consistency in the classroom.

The follow up work is due the next week at lesson time.

Below is a script of weekly lessons given.

The purpose is to help newer teachers teach the entire curriculum so the child has purposeful work.

The children their own work, daily work, and follow up work to accomplish.

Daily work is journaling, math and language work.

8:20 Silent reading until group begins

8:30 Morning Meeting: Lunch count, greeting and news and announcements each day

8:45 Meet with students to review work: 4 to 5 students per day on a rotating daily schedule

Monday AM Functions of Words Lessons: 9:15

Group 1: Intro. Conjunction noun, conjunction, noun as emphasis Follow up work: Child writes 7 of own examples

Group 2: Noun, Verb, Preposition, Article, Adjective Noun Follow up work: 5 of own

Group 3: Intro. Interjection Follow up work: Think of 15 of own

Group 4: Linking Verbs - review Follow up work: Make a list of Linking Verbs and read a story and tally each Linking verb seen in passages.

10:50 Handwashing and Bathroom break each day 11:00 Lunch and recess each day

Monday PM

12:20 Open time for students to share work each day Monday PM

12:30 Culture

Group 1: All First graders Time - 1 hour on clock, 3 part cards, and stamping w/ clock stamp

Group 2: Time Line of Life - Ordovician Period Follow up work: Choose a point of interest to research and bring back and share at next lesson.

Tuesday AM

9:15 Math

Group 1: Checkerboard level II Follow up work: 1 or 2 problems a day

Group 2: Short Bead Frame Multiplication first lesson Follow up work: see group 1

Group 3: Represent Golden Beads Dynamic addition

Book Making Lesson: How to? What's in i�?

Tuesday PM

Reading Groups: Guided Reading in small groups

Group 1:

 words ending in en: pen, hen, men, Ben, etc.
Follow up work: Record and/or read booklet on own and bring back and read to teacher

Group 2: Read story together Follow up work: finish 3 pages on own

Group 3: Read story together Follow up work: Re-read story and answer questions on own

Group 4: A Whale is not a Fish? Read 5 pages together Follow up work: Read 2 pages on own

Group 5: Dinosaur Bones by Cam Jensen Ch. 7 Follow up work: Finish ch. on own

Group 6: Henry Huggins Independent: Read pages 90-100 on own.

Wednesday AM

9: 15 Practical Life: Flower Arrangements Follow up work: Children may take apart arrangements and create own

Math: 1000 Chain Layout Follow up work: Record to 200 and then decide how much child would like to record

Wednesday PM

Reading Groups

Help students with Research

Thursday AM

Logical Analysis

Group 1: First level Subject, Subject, Action, Object Follow up work: 3 sentences of own that follow this model.

Group 2: Subject, subject, verb, direct object; students know the roles of words in sentence and what part of speech the words are Follow up work: 2 of own

Group 3: Subject, Subject, Predicate, Direct Object; see group 2 Follow up work: 3 of own sentences

Thursday PM


Group 1: Straight and Curved Lines Follow up work: practice laying out and naming

Group 2: Supplementary Angles Practice creating on own

Group 3: Concept of two shorter legs are = or longer than the longest side of triangle Follow up work: Child tests with sticks.

Friday AM

Spelling Tests by group: Rhyming words for first graders and site words for others

Reading Groups

Friday PM

Science as whole class

Pretzel Time: each child is given 3 pretzels to give to others. As the pretzel is given the child gives a thank you or compliment to the o�her child.

Friday Folders: News letter, book orders, and other notices

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