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Elementary Self-evaluation Question

CONVENER(S): Harvey R Hallenbery

PARTICIPANTS: Marian Shetley, Susan Bruni, Fran Gilmore, Heather K. McDowell?, Debbie Montgomery, Dana Dali, Diane Gersten, John Phonix


This was developed because of a need to get an evaluation form of communication with parents that does not degrade the child and also inform the parents, plus meet the needs of incoming students. Harvey had a classroom of 48 students and had a difficult time writing evaluation reports. After experimenting with different reports, he evolved a self-evaluation in 1978. He has used the same format ever since, updating the questionnaire every semester to reflect the areas covered. There is a difference between the lower and upper elementary. The child reads the sentence and fills in the circle at the beginning if the sentence applies to him. The upper elementary evaluation includes test questions and complete sentences. The Lower El consists of phrases. In lower el the teacher may have to coach the six year olds, even read it to them. It also evaluates the child in terms of feelings. An example for the lower el would be: I like cursive handwriting.

In 1990, Harvey work with a subcommittee to the Federal Government for Vocational Education. Statistics concluded 80 - 85% of children have high self-esteem when starting school and after high school only 5% have high self esteem. This is a failure of the public school system to symatically destroy self esteem and work ethic. We do not ever ask them their feelings.

Comments from the group: The do a self evaluation at 9-12, including social, emotional and academic.

The children can complete Harvey's evaluation in 2 to 3 days although some complete it in one day. He sends a copy to the parents before the scheduled conference. Harvey discusses goals using this evaluations with the child during the evaluation.

Some children may not be totally honest, but it's a low rate. Usually the child's answer is conservative.

Other school to whom he has sent copies, have never rejected it as not being sufficient.

Comment: What type of evaluation do you wish to see from a primary 3-6 teacher?

Piagetian Interview because it tells me what the child's interest is.

Discussion on what questions two participants asks their children: Who are your friends? Do you like school? How did you solve the problem?

They alos have the child verbalize to the teacher their responses. They have it internalized before meeting with the parents.

Harvey gave examples of his self evaluation form which someone will xerox and get to us.

Homework: Harvey encourages children to assign themselves homework and group projects. No homework is required. Even in secondary.

Would it be possible to post examples of Harvey's evaluations online for the rest of us?


Don Jennings ([email protected])

Topsfield, MA USA

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