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Auditory, Visual, and Kinestetic Education

CONVENER(S): Jane Vail Ward

PARTICIPANTS: Maggie Kruger, Adele Magidson, Rachel Culver, Pamela Miller, Pat Scanrantino, Marie Scott, Pamela Miller, Saleha Hafiz, Gaylene Brotherton, Amy Seibert, Miriam Hinnant, Laura Kohlerschmidt, Wanda Rothrock


I demonstrated the way to educate children in the three methods individually!

When teaching the children about the three angels on the variety of triangles ther are several ways to demonstrate and for the children to partcipate and totally obsorb the information for the rest of their lives! I show them the triangles and have them close their eyes and feel the angles and realize how sharp the acute angle is and how relatively less sharp the right angle is and how gentle the obtuse angle is. I have the children in the lesson participate in making the angles with their bodies. I have the children sit on the floor with me and we extend our legs straight across the floor and straighten our back and raise our head very high to make a right angle in our sitting position. Then I have the children lean forward over their straight legs. I have had two hip surgeries and I lean forward with acute pain to try to male the acute angle. The child is a cute gymnast with how sharp she makes the acute angle. I show them how to angle their upper body to make an obtuse angle. I tell them that their mother will only have an obtuse angle when she is ready to deliver the baby and to never tell thir mother that she has an obtuse angle! The children love to trace and punch out the triangles and make patterns with the triangle, hexagon and rectangle boxes.

When demonstrating how to rip the first sound off of a word put your right hand on the floor for "c" and swing your hand right to say "at". To do the end sound, slide the right hand while saying "hi" and punch your right hand forward while saying "t". Use a colored felt mitten matching your colored consonants and vowels. Hold the hand up to say the word (hat) and put the right hand down with the consonant color on top and say "h" and flip the right hand to the right and say "a" and flip the right hand to the right and say "t". That is kinestetic, visual and auditory process.

When you are educating the children on the solid, liquid and gas molecules there are several exciting steps. First hold the book toward you while you read about solids. Then show them the pictures and pass around several solids. Then read about liquid molecules and show them the picture. Show them how to pour a milk shake into a tall narrow vase and the pour it on the tray to demonstrate how the liquid molecules spill and spread quickly and over a large area. Then pass around a ziplock bag of water and another one of milk (or other great liguid). Next, read about gas molecules and show them the picture. Pass around the ziplock bag of gas.

Now have the students participate as molecules! Have your older best buddies cling to each other and try to separate the solid molecules. Have the solid molecules move. They cannot move quickly or far! Then choose five children to be liquid molecules. Have them lie one at a time on top of each other as liquid molecules in a glass of milkshake. Then have the milkshake spill and the liquid molecules roll back and forth over the rug area and each other! Then choose about five older girls to be the gas molecules. They dance around the inside of the circle filling up the space very actively. The reason to teach like this is that they have listened to the story, watched the pictures, observed and felt real items and kinestectickly acted out as molecules! They will never forget and will inform the science teachers in middle school and chemistry!

Use yoga: Fly Like a Butterfly and Brain Gym skills to prepare them for excellent fine motor skills and reading skills developed initially by gross motor skills.

Good luck with educating children and performing skills for the rest of their lives.

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